Skipper is a truly nice guy and has beautiful color (white, gray and light brown) as well. He is a nine year old, standard size donkey gelding. We prefer that he go to a home with another donkey. His crest has fallen to the right due to him being overweight. Although he has lost weight, his crest will not return to the former position. Often a thick crest is associated with laminitis. It is clear from his hooves that this has never been an issue for Skipper. The crest doesn’t bother him, it is a cosmetic defect.

Skipper is halter trained, stands tied and loads into a trailer well. To our knowledge he has not been trained to ride or drive. With his quiet temperament it would likely be fairly easy to train him for either activity. When the vet did his exam, dental care and sheath cleaning he was a perfect gentleman. The hoof trimmer feels that his overdue feet cleaned up nicely and show no signs of having had laminitis. We have found him to be quiet and willing with whatever is asked of him.

Skipper’s adoption fee is $700.00 If you would like to meet Skipper or ask a question, please contact us at:

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