Scarlett was adopted in August of 2016 along with her pasture-mate, Mike.

Scarlett joined us in the spring of 2010. She is a kind, sweet mare who had a serious wound on her right/hind ankle. It was surgically opened and cleaned, and  healed completely. She is a gentle horse with a good mind.  She is 15-3 hands and weighs about 1100 pounds. We believe she is an Appendix Quarter Horse. She has a flaxen mane and tail, two white hinds and a blaze. Her ankle does have scar tissue that makes it thicker.  Due to arthritic changes, Scarlett is only suitable for light riding or as a lead line horse. She would also be an excellent companion horse as she gets along very well in a herd and is an easy keeper.

All of our animals are up-to-date on their health care and are microchipped.


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