This cute yellow dun is best friends with our Jake. She is a 27 year old, 14 hand Quarter Pony. She came to us in 2006 from a seizure in King County. When she arrived we mistakenly thought she was lame due to the shoes she had worn for long enough to have her hoof wall completely grow over them. Unfortunately she had been foundered and suffered serious rotation of the coffin bone (last bone of the leg, inside the hoof capsule) in her left/front foot. She is regularly trimmed by our wonderful farrier, Daphne Jones, and wears glue-on rubber boots to cushion her stride.

Although she is only pasture sound, she is bright and enjoys life. She and Jake are stalled side by side and share a paddock. They prefer to stay within sight of one another although Sandy sometimes wanders off during their daily turn out. She is close to the other mares and they like to bunch up and visit.

In spite of her age and chronic lameness, she is a hearty soul with a full set of teeth and is an easy keeper. We can always count on her to be gentle. The only history we have is that she was bought at the Enumclaw auction by the woman who owned her previously. We believe that at some time in her life she was struck or treated roughly in her stall as she was fearful if you moved suddenly.

We introduce many of our new volunteers to horses with Sandy. Her quiet attitude and behavior keep them feeling safe while they learn. As long as Sandy enjoys life she has a home at Equine Aid.

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