Kennedy Rose

Kennedy Rose

Kennedy is a bright and friendly mare. She arrived at Equine Aid in mid-2019 after several months of rehabilitation at a wonderful foster home. She came to us at a good weight and with a good attitude. Unfortunately she has a health issue that cannot be resolved. Her small, upright front feet have bony changes that will not allow her to be ridden.She becomes uncomfortable with added weight on her back. Day-to-day in the field she is comfortable and happy. She receives a good joint supplement daily. Her radiographs are available to anyone interested in adopting her.

She is a beautiful mare with a feminine head and sweet nature. She will make a wonderful pasture companion to your horse. She is 15-2 hands and a lovely sorrel and white overo Paint, seven years old. She is purebred but we don’t have her papers. She also arrived with a great deal of fear about having her feet handled. Thanks to our farrier she is now fine with her fronts and coming nicely along with her hinds (she is not mean about having them handled). All of Kennedy’s health care is current.

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Her adoption fee is $300

All of our animals are up-to-date on their health care and are microchipped.


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