Grady and Whinnie

Grady and Whinnie

Grady is a handsome and sturdy dappled dun pony with a thick, white mane and tail. He is 20 years old. His girlfriend, Whinnie, is a silver dapple, about 17 years old. Both of them are sweethearts! They are gentle friends who are easy to handle for everything, including hoof trims, vet care, socializing and loading. 

Grady arrived in rough shape. He had a seriously damaged eye which was surgically removed July 2018. It has been determined by two veterinarians that the sight in his right eye is limited. He can see very little but he is still friendly and happy. He does receive medication daily to treat PPID. Whinnie is a sweet and sassy pony mare who arrived here in September of 2018. Her feet were distorted from chronic laminitis and she moved slowly and carefully. At a hoof trim on 12/10/2018, our farrier said Grady’s feet appear normal. Whinnie’s feet have improved a great deal and she is moving much more comfortably.They have have been wormed, received micro-chips and had dental floats.

Due to their health issues, we have determined that Grady and Whinnie our best served as part of our sanctuary.

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