Our resident black devil: smart as a whip and always looking for an opportunity to escape! Easter joined us when a horrific animal ‘rescue’ in Oregon was forced to close by the authorities. We picked up their donkeys Smokey, Esther and Easter in mid 2002. They were in rough physical condition. Easter had been abused in their care in many ways and had become a very aggressive biter. However, he still craved attention.

We decided that when he charged us to bite, we would shame him verbally and just leave his pen. This left him very disappointed and after about a month he stopped attacking. These days Easter may invite you to rub his ears or simply rest his head in your arms on a rainy day. Other days he entertains himself figuring our how to open latches and destroying jolly balls. Easter is now the graying boss of our sanctuary donkeys. He will remain here for life.

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