Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae

Adopted in August of 2016.

Daisy is a pretty red dun with a flaxen mane, four white socks and a blaze. She has a very sweet temperament. Daisy would be suitable for a confident advanced beginner or intermediate child in regular lesson program, but is stocky enough to be suitable for a small adult.

Daisy was consistently ridden between May 2014 until October 2015 and has progressed very well.  March of 2016 she again started work. She is solid at walk-trot-canter. Her ground manners are good and she can easily be handled by a confident child. She loads quietly alone or with others, ties well and stands for the farrier. She is 14 hands and eight years old.

Daisy came to the rescue with little training after passing through several homes. After her arrival it was found that her teeth had been neglected and that she had swelling and soreness in the wither area from poor fitting tack.  As a result of her past, she can still be tense at the beginning of a ride for new riders or new locations, Lunging prior to the riding works well to loosen her up.  She enjoys trail rides including water crossings. As her training has progressed, her confidence has grown.  She is a willing partner and enjoys attention and handling.


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