Bob & Betty, and their son Flyer

Bob & Betty, and their son Flyer

Bob, Betty, and their son, Flyer, were adopted in September 2016.

We have known Bob and Betty for about fifteen years. They spent several years with a neighbor and were adopted in 2012. Unfortunately, life changes in that home caused them to need to return to us.

They are in very good health. Betty is twenty years old, Bob is twenty-one and Flyer is seventeen. When we first met Bob he was still a jack and had produced several foals, including their son Flyer who has lived here for several years. They were gelded in 2003. They are good for hoof trims and current on dental care, worming and vaccines.

Bob is a little hesitant to be caught but is very interested in treats so he is becoming easier to catch. He has a wide blaze. Flyer and Betty look very similar. Betty is a love bug and the first to greet you. They are calm and gentle pets.


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