Bandit and Shorty

Bandit and Shorty

Bandit and Shorty are a pair of Miniature horses who are long-time buddies and will only be placed together. They are best suited as pets.

Their health care, including hoof trims, dental floats, tetanus vaccines, fecal tests and deworming, has been fully updated. They love to be groomed! Bandit is a spunky guy who loves to get out and run! He is 23 years young, active and healthy. He is a beautiful silver dapple with a flowing white mane and tail. Many years ago he was trained to pull a cart. He would require a qualified trainer to provide him with a refresher course to be hitched. If you are interested in an active and social pet, he fits the bill. He stands well for the farrier and vet and loads readily. We have observed no vices.

Shorty is a sorrel, 22 year old dwarf Miniature Horse. As is often the case with dwarfs, he has a skeletal anomaly; his shoulder sockets are very shallow which allowed both shoulders to dislocate. This occurred when he was under five years old, they are scarred down and he is not in pain. In fact, he is quite the feisty little guy. He does require extra support for hoof trims. He runs and plays, just travels in an unusual manner. Please view the video of him trotting. He is deeply attached to Bandit.

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