Little Bambi is a cutie. She is a hinny, which means she has the opposite parents of a mule. Her sire was probably a pony and her dam was likely a small donkey.
She is a line back red dun born in 2012 (estimated).
Bambi came to us with very overgrown feet and a lot of attitude. One of the photos show her as she was when she arrived. Our farrier suspects that she had never had her feet trimmed. Fortunately she suffered no long-term affects and is very active roaming between the donkey pasture and the horse pasture. She gets along with everyone.
Our farrier was able to trim her without sedation. Bambi is a fast learner and our farrier is patient. Since the first, massive trim, she has been trimmed several times and is a little better behaved with each trim but needs a farrier who with be kind and firm. At this time, she has her feet trimmed every four weeks.Our vet assessed her legs and feels that she is fine. She leads pretty well. All of her health care is current and she is ready for an experienced home.

Please email us if you have further questions:  Her adoption fee is $250.00

**We only place animals within Washington state.**

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