Equines in Training

Meet our equines in training

Because long term adoptions are more often the result when we place trained animals, training first and then adoption is our normal approach. If you are a trainer or work with one that you want to have train one of our equines, we will consider this on a case by case basis. What each animal is trained to do is based on what is typically expected of their type. For instance, donkeys are often pets who simply need to lead and be handled on the ground. Horses are typically ridden.

Equine Aid Adoption Policies

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We place equines within Washington state only.

To Apply:

  • Submit application or request a hard copy by completing the form to the right.
  • We will contact you within one week of receipt of your application to arrange a visit.
  • We will check your references so please notify people you have listed as references.
  • Prior to placement a site visit is required. At this visit we will assess the suitability and safety of the new home.

When you have been approved to adopt, we require that you sign an adoption contract.  Please review this contract prior to applying to adopt. We retain the right to visit the animal at any time.

If the adopter is unable or unwilling to keep the animal it must be returned to Equine Aid.

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