What do I

need to know

to adopt a horse?

The Adoption Process

Thinking about adding an equine to your family and want to know what to expect? We’ll work with you every step of the way.  Our adoption program strives to match potential adopters to the right equine based upon the adopter’s experience and desires.  At Equine Aid, our goal is to make the adoptive home the equine’s forever home. We need your input to help us, help you make a great connection.

                     Please Note: We place equines within Washington state only.

The reason for this is simple. We are committed to our rescues and follow their welfare. Placing them within Washington is what we have found to be the least complicated means to follow their situation and, if need be, return them to the rescue. We contact adopters occasionally to request updates on adopted equines. Adopters are required to return animals to the rescue if they are unable to keep them unless they find the animal a new home which is willing to go through our screening process.

Please feel free to ask questions about any animal that you are interested in adopting, via email at: info@equineaid.org

When you decide to pursue an adoption, the first step is to complete an application.

Download adoption application

You may request a hard copy by email at info@equineaid.org.  Please include your name and  US mail address.

Within five days of receipt of your application we will contact you to schedule an appointment to have you out to the farm to meet the equine that interests you. We will expedite the process at your request if we are able to do so.

If you and the adoption coordinator agree that the animal is a good match for you, we will contact your references. Please let these people know to expect our call. We will also schedule a site visit with you at the location where the animal will live. The intent is to assess the safety and suitability of the new home.

When you have been approved to adopt, we require that you sign an adoption contract. Please review this contract prior to applying to adopt.  We want you to be fully informed of our policies so please ask if you have a question.

Download adoption contract

If you need to have your adopted animal delivered, we can help you make arrangements. Normally there is an additional fee. You will be given a list with the animal’s current diet and recent veterinary history. Please have feed on hand that matches your new equine’s current diet so that any transition can be made gradually.