Our Mission: Providing rescue and rehabilitation, adoption or sanctuary for at-risk equines
and serving as a voice against all abuse.

Our Programs

From sanctuary animals to owner assistance programs, we do more than adoptions.

How to Adopt

Interested in adopting one of our horses or donkeys? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Help

Your generous donation of time, money or materials helps animals most in need.


Volunteers at Equine Aid make a difference in the lives of formerly neglected or abused horses.

News & Events 

Next Open Barn . . . Saturday, September 9th! Whether you are a long-time friend of Equine Aid, a potential adopter, or someone who would simply like to learn more about equine rescue, our second Open Barn of 2017 is a wonderful opportunity to get outside and meet our amazing equines and some of the dedicated volunteers who feel so fortunate to participate in their care. We hope you can join us! Questions? Please connect with us at info@equineaid.org or on Facebook!

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Once an animal has had their health care fully updated and had their training addressed, we list them for adoption. Their skills vary from wonderful pets to good trail riding partners. Our policy on equine placement is full disclosure of what we know. We are happy to connect you with our vets and farriers if you have further questions.

In Training

Our training process for equines who have not been handled often takes many months. On the other hand, some animals just need a brief refresher course. We vary the type and amount of training time for each equine depending on their individual needs. Our policy is to work without force at each animal’s pace.

In Rehabilitation

New arrivals go through at least thirty days quarantine and have their health care fully updated. In some cases their physical and mental rehabilitation takes much longer.  You are encouraged and welcome to inquire about our animals’ health histories.


Some qualities make an equine less appealing to adopters (unless just the right adopter comes along, that is)! If we accept an animal that isn’t likely to be adopted, we provide for them for life. Many of our sanctuary animals can be adopted as companions, please contact us if you are interested.